Rooms List Displayed
As well as offering a chat room to your traffic you may opt to offer them the Rooms List. The Rooms List will show all the rooms that are active on the network and give your website an immediate image of being very busy. To enter a chat room people only need to click a listed room to prompt the login form. To achieve this edit your script by adding RoomList=True as shown in the following example:

". . .qagA%3d%3d&

Expanded Chat Room
By adding an extra bit of code after your affiliate number you can increase the usable area of the chat to include the the area beyond the edges of the flashchat. To achieve this edit your script by adding width100% as shown in the following example:

". . .qagA%3d%3d&width=100%'></script>"

Room Configuration
Once you have placed the script on your website or social profile you will be asked to configure the chat room. You can do this any time by logging into your chat room with the membership you used to grab your code and clicking the "create/modify a room..." button located at the upper right of the chat.

Room Type
You will be given an option to select "Public Room" or "Private Room". If you create public room all people will be able to enter your room. If you create a private room the people requesting access will be required to enter the password you set for your room.

Chat Theme Color
The selection will define what color will be highlighted it the chat as a person selects various fuctions.

Special Access Options
You may select to restrict your chat room's access to only allow your chat favourites or upgraded members to enter.

Advanced Options - Room Listing
You may choose to list your chat room on the iWebcam Network Rooms List. If you select "Unlisted on the network" your chat room will not appear on the list but will allow navigation to the Rooms List at the upper right of the chat.

Advanced Options - Room Navigation
The chat room by default allows navigation to our Rooms List at the upper right of the chat. However, you may remove the Rooms List navigation by selecting "NO navigation allowed". This will also remove your chat room from the Rooms List since it woudl be inappropriate for chatters to come to your room from the Rooms List and then not be able to navigate to another room.

Advanced Options - Webcam Broadcasting
You may configure your chat room to require all webcam broadcasts to be approved by the room host before they may be seen by other members of the chat. If you select the "ONLY approved broadcasts" option for your room you will need to view a webcam and check the AV checkbox on the view window before a webcam can be seen by the other participants of your chat room.