Instant Social Networking™ Script
No Fees!
There are no software purchase fees nor any bandwidth hosting fees.
Simply grab our script, place it on your website and instantly begin chatting with people! Instant Social Networking™ on your website can be just that easy.      Learn more . . .

We Pay!
Yes. We have an affiliate program designed to reward webmasters for their success. Also our chat is an excellent addition to your website monetization strategy. We can even enhance your current website monetization strategy by displaying your website url to over 9 million monthly potential clicks through our Rooms List.      Learn more . . .
The Truth About Webcam Videochat Bandwidth
Webmasters are not often given all the information required to understand the costs associated with placing webcam videochat solution on a website. However we'll gladly explain the bandwidth transfer rates to assist you with your decision. Afterall, our chat script hosting is free.

If 10 people constantly view three webcams and broadcast their own cam, with webcams broadcasting at 160 kilobits per second, the overall monthly Gigabyte transfer could potentially be as high as 2000 GB!     
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How Do I Get My Free Chat Script?
The process to obtain your very own chat script is very easy. Firstly, we ask you visit our chat room for this site. When you are presented with the login form please click "create a chat profile" and complete the information required. Once you have completed the profile you will enter our chat room. Click the embed code link option at the top right of the text area to obtain your chat script. Once you have placed it on your website or social network profile login to your new chat room using your membership. You will be asked to configure your new chat room. That's it!      Learn more . . .

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