Our Free Chat Script
You may copy our chat script and instantly start a chat on your website. Click the "Copy to Clipboard" button and paste the code into your website code.

We would recommend that you read the instructions further down on this page. Obtaining your own iWebcam member specific chat script will allow you to configure and moderate your chatroom .

<div id='IWEBCAM'
align='center'></div><script language='javascript' type='text/javascript' src='http://service.iWebcam.com/Client/Chat.aspx?AffiliateKey=Pu7_SA6Rkaz5uo3fjefqbhUf_6VyjYExfPBaixOOPrrpG

Your Free Chat Script
Please follow the instructions below:
1. Create a chat profile
Go to our chat on this site or click the link at the bottom of this instruction page. You will be presented with a login form. Click the "Create a Chat Profile" button.

If you already have an iWebcam.com Chat Network profile please login using your email and associated account password on the lower portion of the login form.
2. Complete the registration
You are required to have a free registered membership. When you get your chat script it is specifically generated for your membership. Your registered membership will give you moderator control functions in your chat room and automatically enroll you in our affiliate program.
3. Login and grab your codes
Click the "Grab your Chat Code!" option located on the top right of the text chat area.
4. Copy your chat room code
Paste the code to your website and then browse to your chat. Login using your registered member account. You will be asked to configure your room. In future this may be done by clicking the "Create/Modify a Room..." button located above the user list. That's it!
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